From The Director’s Desk

Dr.Satish Warpade

Designation : Director

Qualification : B.PHARM,D.L.L, MBA, PHD (MANAGEMENT)

Experience : INDUSTRY-13, TEACHING-10


On the rising horizon of a dream job, Lotus Business School stands as a backbone for the students to make their dreams come true. Always believing in the concept of KSAEE (Knowledge, Skills, Attitude, Experience, Exposure) Lotus has Industry expertise to impart knowledge and guidance in all relevant sectors. Considering the skill set & strength of the student, Lotus has all the time invested in upliftment of the student’s growth to mould him as a better citizen, manager & executive day by day.

Striving for a good opportunity in this highly competitive environment, Lotus assists the student to stand tall & grab the best offers in the market & industry. With highly qualified staff & upgraded placement cell this job is much simplified task for the Lotus team.

Providing skilled & professional personnel to the Industry is one of the major mission of Lotus Business School apart from building good citizens for the country. This is going to be a never diminishing asset for the nation as well as their families enhancing personal & professional growth & stability too. The youth passing from Lotus is for sure to contribute towards the bright future of all.